Virtual Private Server (VPN)

Get secure and private access to the internet

Protect your personal data and have peace of mind whenever you’re on public Wi-Fi, accessing your personal and work accounts on the go, or simply want to keep your browsing history for yourself.

Stream and browse without limitations

From video streaming to social networking, our VPN works everywhere and lets you access the websites and apps you love. And fast speeds for easy browsing and no buffering or long waits.

Blazing fast speed with limitless bandwidth

What makes RB VPN the #1 on the Market

Blazing Fast VPN Speed

Built with speed in mind, ResellersByte provides unlimited bandwidth. No more slow loading times and constant buffering.

Your choice of Location

Keep your address hidden. Choose from over 49+ locations and be virtually located anywhere.

Public WiFi Protection

Public Wi-Fi has minimal safeguards and often sells your data. Plus, it is a breeding ground for snoops and hackers. Let ResellersByte keep you safe!

Online Protection

With 256-bit AES encryption and multiple protocols plus split tunneling and a kill switch, you know your internet connected is completely protected.

Encrypted Data

Aside from 256-bit AES encryption and multiple leak protection options, we also include other security features including split tunneling and a kill switch.

No-logs Policy

None of your customer data, online activity or browsing history is monitored, gathered or exposed.